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Screen Printing

Screen printing is a decoration technique that uses vibrant, environmentally friendly inks that lay on top of the substrate (fancy word for material we are printing on).

A stencil of an image is burned onto a mesh screen and then a squeegee is used to press the ink through the screen onto the garment, leaving behind a permanent print of the graphic.

Each colour requires a different screen and they are all aligned together like a puzzle to create the final image.

We offer a max. 8 colour design print.


Embroidery is an ancient craft that uses thread and needle to decorate textiles. Embroidery helps add color, texture, and dimension to garments.

Here at ADC we use industrial machines that sew your artwork or logo onto different garments essentially making it a part of the fabric.

 An embroidered logo has weight and dimension that ends up having a 3D look and feel. The thread has a sheen that helps the colour pop to attention.

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